'Hey, How Do I Sell My Land?'

Here at Checklands, we work with land owners to assist them in selling their land fast. If you’d like to sell your land yourself, check out our Learn page! If you’d like an offer, fill out our form!

Jason And Micah The Founders, Checklands

Hello! We're Micah and Jason. We started Checklands because we saw an opportunity to deliver value to prospective land sellers through educational videos on the land selling process.

The small group of land investors involved in this effort are first and foremost teachers committed to making sure you understand the ins and outs of the land selling process before contact is made. We look forward to providing assistance!

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"Working with Jason was a real pleasure. He seamlessly helped me to sell my 20-acre West Texas parcel, and guided me with all the paperwork. My check was deposited electronically within days."
Annette G
"Tim was very kind. He and his partner handled everything. I didn't even realize how fast he worked because I received a money transfer within ten days of asking him to buy it from me. Thanks!"
Tim Collard
"Micah at Checklands walked me through the process of what it would take to sell my land. I thought about it for a few days, then called him back and he was able to get me a check for my property in two weeks."
Rebecca Johnson


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Checklands investors provide the fastest way to sell your land.

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Searching Google to Sell My Land

Are you looking to sell your land quickly? Well, we'll buy it from you and send a fast cash offer! We can purchase the property directly without any middlemen or broker's fees.

Here at the Checklands Network, we purchase rural vacant land for cash from land sellers. We can close in as few as ten days. We purchase our properties for cash. We pay all title, escrow and closing costs. No brokers are involved so no unneeded commissions! Answer a few of our questions and we will get offers to you in as few as two days. We are the people who will buy your land.

You don’t have to worry not being able to find buyers or having any trouble with the sale process because we do this every day! All we need is some basic information about your property and we’ll take care of everything else – it doesn’t matter if it's commercial, residential, or agricultural; we'll make an offer on anything that has value! And when you're ready, just give us a call and shoot us an email – we can process our offers within 24 hours.

Our Certified Payment Processors

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How will investors with Checklands buy my land if I want to sell fast for cash?

We have a network of experienced land investors that are knowledgable  in the real estate business. We research your land to ensure it meets our buying criteria before we offer you an amount for sale, which will typically take us only a few days during normal operating hours as long as all necessary information is provided to us. From there, if accepted by you and after verifying any outstanding debts or liens on property being purchased., we set up a closing date where they can be executed under contract law so both parties agree upon selling terms

'Before I submit my property, I'd like to try and sell my land on my own'

Sure! No problem. Follow these steps:

First step is to make sure you are the owner of your property by confirming you are named on the property deed. You can check with your local county registrar or circuit land registry to see if you are the owner listed on the deed. If you are listed on the deed or the owner listed on the deed would like to sell the land fast then proceed to the next step.

The second step is to know the value of the land you would like to sell fast. One way to do this is to consult with a land consultant. A land consultant can help you determine how much the property would be worth if it were on the open market and how much each of the acres worth are in your parcel. Once you know what that final land value number is, then proceed to step three.

The third step is to consider how much you would like to sell the land for. Pricing the land fairly is essential to selling the property fast. To help determine how much a fair or fast selling price may be, you can consult with a real estate agent or an appraiser for guidelines on pricing and what they typically see in the market. Keep in mind, if there are any complications associated with the land (like a cloud on the Title or delinquent taxes associated with the property) then you may want to price your land to reflect those issues.

The fourth step is to find your buyer by advertising it online: If you are not able to sell the land quickly by asking around and advertising in your local area, you can look for a buyer online. If you plan to advertise the land on an online site like Craigslist or Zillow, then be sure to include pictures of the property as well as any details about its size (acreage), zoning restrictions if applicable, access information (gated community, etc). Another way to list your property is to consider an ebay auction.

The fifth step is to get an appraiser and title company involved. We recommend having the land appraised and getting a title search done to determine if there are any restrictions, easements or liens that may affect the purchase.

The sixth step is to negotiate with your buyer: If you have already found an interested party who has been pre-approved for buying the property (meaning they were able to provide documentation of liquid assets) then you are close to selling your land fast!

The seventh step is to make sure you have the appropriate paperwork signed, sealed and delivered. The final eighth step is to get paid your cash for land – in twelve days!

Does all this seem exhausting? We can do all of this for you, including buying your land fast for cash. How do we buy land fast for cash? We pre-qualify land sellers with the appropriate documentation of liquid assets and we are able to close deals in 12 days or less. We handle ALL the closing costs associated with the property.


Checklands - Our Sell My Land Guide

We buy anything from a single lot to 100 acres. When you want cash for your property in twelve days, sell it to the best! Remember, when we buy land fast for cash – WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

Sell Land Fast For Cash. It can be done and we acquire properties almost every week. We are a direct buyer and do not use agents to buy property because we have the funds available to purchase properties outright without using financing or credit.

How about vacant land? If you have a parcel of land that is currently vacant and does not have any structures on it we can help. We might be able to purchase the property outright or work with you to clear the title through our services available here in twelve days!

We do research on the frontend, we then deliver an offer to purchase and we close the deal on the backend. It’s a win-win for you! We have been able to sell land in twelve days or less by being direct buyers who take all of the work off your shoulders, including removing liens from the property title if necessary!

If you are looking for someone that can buy your land fast for cash in 2021, we are your team!

You don’t have to worry not being able to find buyers or having any trouble with the sale process because we do this every day! All we need is some basic information about your property and we’ll take care of everything else – it doesn’t matter if it’s commercial, residential, or agricultural; we’ll make an offer on anything that has value! And when you’re ready, just give us a call and shoot us an email – we can process our offers within 24 hours


How can I sell my land in Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico or Texas?

If you would like to sell your land yourself in Southwest Region, we recommend two options:
1. Use the resources on our ‘Learn’ page to sell your land. See the link here.
2. Secure a few offers from members in our network by submitting your land. See the link here.

Interested in selling your land yourself?  Watch this: 


How should I go about selling my land in the Midwest?

If you’re considering selling your land yourself in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, we recommend two pathways:
1. Consider the tutorials on our ‘Learn’ page to sell your land. See the link here.
2. Submit your property to receive a few offers from members in our network. See the link here.

Interested in selling your Missouri land yourself?  Check this video out:


What would be the easiest way to get my vacant land in the Southeast acquired?

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If you were to ask us to advise on the easiest way to get vacant land in Arkansas, Lousiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia or Florida acquired. We would recommend following one of our sell-by-owner tutorials found on our ‘Learn’ page. If you would like us to handle everything, submit your property and we will have our network of investors review your property and offer their suggestions.


How can I get my lot in the Western region of the US sold fast?

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We have several investors in our network who are actively acquiring properties in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming. If you have questions about how to list your property or if your interested in receiving an all cash offer from one of our investors, connect with us!

1. See a few of our State specific posts on our ‘Learn’ page to sell your land. See the link here.
2. Submit your property to get a few offers. See the link here.


Yes! As of 2021, we have two active land buyers in the Northeast.

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The Northeast Region of the United States includes a few of the most populous urban centers. But, just outside those cities are innumerable rural towns where our land buyers love to work. Currently, we are receiving vacant land submissions from property owners in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Vermont. 

More On Our Teaching Investors

We have a national network of American buyers and we are always looking for new properties. We typically want rural land that is vacant, undeveloped, agricultural or wooded. If you own rural property in America and would like to discuss your options over the phone first, feel free to call us!