The network we created exists to help people sell their land easy and fast.

Read on below to find out more information on who our members
are and how our managers oversee this network.


Our network is made of up of some of the finest people coming from communities all over the United States. We have a soccer coaches, teachers, preachers, and stay-at-home mothers in our group. They will get your deal faster than any full-time realtor.

Some of our investors have been in the land acquisitions space full time for over five years while others see this an opportunity to diversify their assets. Every investors story is uniquely different. We encourage all land sellers to ask their considered bidding investors why they want to acquire their property.

Each independent real estate investor in our network has their own set of investment criteria. You can sell your land – no matter where it is in the US – quickly with no extra fees.  

Most of our investors specialize in a particular area or a particular type. For the most part though, all have acquired vacant parcels for years and are able to close land deals in record time. We recommend submitting any property you may own and are interested in selling — there is a piece of ground in the US that our investors won’t consider!


We’re friends who love the great outdoors.  We’re Micah and Jason, members of families who’ve enjoyed camping, boating, hiking and fishing throughout our childhoods. We desire to help land sellers connect with honest land investors and we desired be good stewards of land we acquire, just as our families modeled for us throughout the years.


The checkmark was the celebratory response by one of our first land clients to our offer as we sought to help him offload an inherited lot in under twenty days. This individual was out of state and in immediate need of funds. We were delighted to be of assistance and provide the solutions requested within the timeframe required. We received several followup texts from the seller when the funds were received — and almost every one of them included a checkmark!

A few weeks later, as we spent a weekend brainstorming business names, we were inspired to grab hold of the checkmark as the symbol of our efforts to provide fast, hassle-free solutions to our clients!