Are you looking to sell your property for cash? There are many ways that a buyer can buy land, but one of the fastest is by buying directly from us. Normally it would require brokers and middlemen who take cuts in fees before passing on an offer, so when we work with you straight-up there’s no need to worry about losing out on any money. You get what's owed quickly without having to wait through all those steps!

We offer to pay for all closing costs! If you’re selling a parcel, we will research the local market and analyze your property’s unique characteristics. We want our clients – like you- to know that they are working with an honest broker when dealing in this type of transaction. That is why if at any point during negotiations it doesn’t feel right or the deal falls through then 100% of what was paid up front by us would be refunded without question (even after legal fees).

Once you’ve found a piece of land that meets our criteria, we will call or email to discuss the offer amount. It typically only takes us 4 hours during business hours if all the details are provided by then. After both parties agree on an offer and sign off electronically (or in person), it is time for closing! We have partnered with mobile notaries as well as title companies/attorneys near your area who can handle any concerns at this stage seamlessly while meeting stringent state laws in regards to paperwork/signatures.

You Get Cash!

We’ll work with the closing agent/title company/attorney to close as soon as possible and get you your payment quickly. Selling land directly to us means cutting out a broker’s commission and listing fees (on average around 6% of the sales price). And we usually send an initial response in 4 hours versus waiting months for a broker to find a buyer–so contact us today if you’re ready sell your property, vacant lot or undeveloped acreage.

Also, our investors will pay title and closing costs when we purchase your property! That’s right because not only do you get to skip paying a real estate agent commission or listing fee with our no-obligation cash offer but also any other expenses as well. We’ll pay ALL the fees so there is less of an impact on you – it doesn’t matter if the property is in New York, Arizona, California or even Florida. If you want to sell fast and hassle free call us today at (816) 265-1457 for more information about how easy this process can be!

I bet you’re thinking, “When should I sell my land?” Well, if you want to get the best price and are in a seller’s market it is generally wise to wait for that moment. Alternatively though, if your goal isn’t necessarily maximizing profit but instead getting rid of property quickly then there may be other options available such as selling directly or working with an investor like us who buy properties year round!

What information do I need to provide in order to sell my land? 

In certain unique circumstances, we will also need some additional documents. Please check the following scenarios apply: The property is held by a trust and you wish for us to act as agents of your behalf- please send over a copy of the stipulation outlining who are trustees are; or if it’s an LLC, then what designated officers make up that company.

Can I just sell a portion of my land?

Selling a portion of your property can be tricky, but luckily there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. The first thing is that before selling any part of it, you’ll need to subdivide and legally separate this section from the rest. You may want to consult with an expert in local laws for help on how best divide up your lot or just speak with someone at your county’s planning office as they’re usually very helpful when it comes down these matters; though unfortunately not every subdivision request will get approved!

If you are looking to sell your property, we at Checklands can help. We buy land and do not work with middlemen or brokers like other companies might; this means that the final sale price will be much higher than what someone else would offer as they have to pay for their own commission when selling it on behalf of another person. If you agree on a purchase deal with us there is no need for an agent because our company handles all legal aspects such as drawing up contracts etcetera – simply give us a call!

Can I set up a land sale without an agent?

Selling vacant rural property is often best left to the expertise of a local agent. However, for smaller pieces this may not always be possible and it will take some extra time on your part in order to find buyers that are interested in what you have available. If none of them know how to handle this type of transaction then either you can learn about the process or hire someone who does. The other option would be listing locally with publications like craigslist which could also produce results but might involve less work from your end since they’ll want all their own pictures taken by professionals

Selling your property yourself doesn’t need to be hard. You can post it on a listing site or send letters around the neighborhood, and you’ll want to consider selling in exchange for below market prices if offered by an investor with fast closing times who may offer less than what the land is worth.


Selling your own properties isn’t complicated– there are plenty of sites where you can list them as “for sale” by owner (Zillow being one of the largest). You could also go old school and put up a sign offering ownership services situated at this location’s address which will result in increased traffic from people looking for opportunity like yours! Another way would be contacting nearby landowners directly through mailing campaigns or other means such as street signs.

If you are looking to sell your raw land quickly, there is a direct correlation between price and speed. Generally speaking, if you give your buyer a great deal on the property they will be more inclined to buy it now than if they have been waiting for months with no success in sight. This rule holds true regardless of whether or not you list through an agent or market yourself- after all price matters but so does quality! Be sure that when posting about your listing online that some thought has gone into providing excellent information as well as high resolution photos which showcase what makes this lot unique from any other place on earth like its location near renowned local attractions such as national parks and museums nearby. The most important thing while selling real estate? Location, location, location!

To be a successful seller, it’s important to know what your land has been used for in the past. For example, if you are selling raw land that was previously agricultural property or wetlands then buyers will need more information than just how much of an area is available because zoning and regulations can vary wildly from one county to another depending on its use history. Investors may only want properties with this type of investment potential but they also have different needs when selecting parcels which include legal access, utility availability- sometimes even proximity to amenities like shopping centers or gas stations – so make sure these factors aren’t overlooked during due diligence!

How To Sell Your Land Online: A Guide For Beginners

Okay, so you have a piece of land and are looking to sell it. But how do I find the best online listing sites? There is no single answer for this question because different platforms cater towards certain niches or may be more popular in some regions than others. Some top websites include LandWatch, Zillow, Lands of America and LandFlip – these all offer listings that span across many states (and countries). However if your property doesn’t fall into one of the categories listed on these pages then there’s still hope; you can also list through Real Estate Agents who specialize in vacant land sales! These agents will typically charge an up-front commission fee but they have access to land networks that may provide exposure that you’ll find nowhere else!

Or you can sell it to us!

We do all the leg work for you! All of our sales process can be done remotely. We make it easy to sell your property in cash, too. In fact, most vacant land parcels are purchased with cash since mortgages can be hard to come by- and this is one major reason why raw land may not always go as quickly at a higher price point or have no interest from buyers who want something more developed; but if they’re looking for an investment that won’t require any time on their part we’re happy to help them out there as well because some folks might need just straight up money instead of investing additional resources into development costs like other people would prefer doing.