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How much land do I need for a homestead farm?

“How much land do I need for a homestead farm?” is a question that many people ask when they are about to start their homestead. The answer depends on what type of farming you want to do and how much time and money you have. In this blog post, we will talk about the factors that determine how large your farm needs to be so you can make an educated decision as to what size land would work best for your own homestead!

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Septic Systems in New Mexico

Septic Systems in New Mexico: Septic systems are required for any rural property that does not have access to a public sewer line. If you live on a farmstead, ranch, or other rural land, your septic system will be one of the most important aspects of your property. In this blog post we’ll look at how to select and maintain your septic system as well as what regulations exist for building them on Rural Land.

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What Documents Do I Need to Sell My land?

You’re finally ready to sell your property, but you don’t know what documents are required for a land sale. Fortunately, this article will answer all of your questions about the necessary documentation requirements. You’ll learn why it’s important to have an experienced land consultant when considering selling any type of property and how they can help with every step in the process.

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WHAT IS MY APN NUMBER 300x169, Checklands

What is My APN Number?

Have you ever wondered what an APN number is? An Associated Parcel Number (APN) is a way to identify rural land property. Rural land properties are usually not numbered in the same way as city or suburban properties, so they need their own parcel identification system.

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Best Land Buyer in Oklahoma

Tim Flood is the Best Land Buyer in Oklahoma! Tim was awarded this designation after delivering consistent value as a land buyer for the last five years in the great state of Oklahoma.

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Best Land Buyer in Texas

Why is Checklands the best land buyer in Texas?When it comes to rural land properties, the Checklands Network has purchased over 120 rural land lots in the last two years!The Checklands Network is made up of several land investors who lead with education first. We are passionate about the great State of Texas…

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My Landlocked Property

Landlocked property is a piece of land that has no direct access to another road. That means you, as the owner, will have to go through someone else’s private space in order to reach your own.

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What is Land Access?

Legal access to a property is an easement or legal right to use, enter and leave the land of another. It could be for reasons such as hunting, fishing, hiking or other recreational purposes.

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HOW TO READ A LAND SURVEY 300x169, Checklands

How to Read a Land Survey

If you are planning on buying or selling land, it is important to have a land survey done before the transaction. This will ensure that both parties are getting what they want and need out of the deal.

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How Does a Land Sale Work?

A real estate title company is a business that helps keep track of the ownership records for property. Its job includes escrow services, which are used to verify and process transactions during real estate sales.

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Sell My Land In Texas Where To Find Property Lines 300x169, Checklands

Finding Property Lines

This article will explain how to find property lines using google maps. We’ll cover how to get a satellite view of your property and how to use google earth’s flyover feature!

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History of Selling My Land Across the USA

“The Hidden History of Rural Land in America” by Ralph A. Walker is a book that sheds light on the ways rural land has been utilized and regulated in America over the centuries, and how those decisions have impacted our nation’s history. This insightful volume offers a multifaceted exploration into boundaries between public and private lands, as well as rural land’s role in shaping American society and culture.

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Sell My Land In Oklahoma OWNER FINANCING 300x169, Checklands

Owner Financing Land

Owner finance is a type of financing where the borrower owns the property. Unlike other types of loans, there are no banks involved in owner financing. It’s just you and the lender!

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What Is A Quitclaim Deed 300x169, Checklands

Quitclaim Deed?

A quitclaim deed is a document that transfers ownership of property from one person to another, without transferring any rights or interests in the property. It can be used to transfer ownership and share of the value when there are multiple owners.

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Landlocked Property

This video presents a seasoned investor’s opinion on how to deal with a landlocked property but you can’t discuss landlocked properties without highlighting easements.

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Sell My Land In Oklahoma What Is A Land Survey 300x169, Checklands

What is a Survey?

A land survey is a legal document that is prepared to create a map of the property and its boundaries. Land surveys can be used for many different purposes!

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SELL MY LAND Title Search Explained 300x169, Checklands

Title Search Explained

Did you know that abstract search is one of the most important real estate research tools? If you are looking to buy a property, it’s essential to understand how and why abstracts work. Abstracts provide information about recently sold homes in your area.

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How To Sell My Oklahoma Land With Comps 300x169, Checklands

What are Comps?

When it comes to real estate, one of the most important aspects that you should look at is land value. While there are many other factors that go into what a property is worth, the land value can be an indicator as to how much someone may have paid for the property in question.

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Our network of land buyers typically sends cash offers to buy your land through email. Though, some like to send text messages or provide their offer over the phone. 

In most cases, the land buyer you decide to work with will hire a title company or real estate attorney to handle the purchase and sale of your vacant land. This means that you will have a third-party working for you on your behalf. The buyer’s money is sent to an escrow account where the title company (or real estate attorney in some states). By law this money has to be sent to you once you sign the appropriate paperwork. You can call the title company or real estate attorney at anytime to ask questions. Typically, you will receive the money either as a paper check sent to you by FedEx or UPS or, if you choose, by wire transfer. Our vetted members are often closing on several properties a week, providing a fast and easy way for land owners to sell their properties for cash.

This website connects 10+ companies that buy land from all across the US. Rarely do our land buyers meet property owners who want to sell land in person. 

Our network of land buyers help property owners sell land for cash. They do not need to wait months for loans from the bank. The transaction can be done in as little as a few days. More commonly our land buyers complete the transaction within 3 weeks.

No. Many times, depending on the land buyer you want to work with, the land buyer will offer to pay off all back taxes and liens on your property. Plus, many land buyers will also offer to pay closing costs. This means the cash offer to sell your land you see is the amount of cash you will receive.

Yes, it’s 100% legal (and easy) to sell your own vacant land without a real estate agent. Many times all that is required for you to sell your land is for you and other property owners (if any) to sign a few documents in the presence of a notary. Our network of experienced land buyers specialize in making the sale of vacant land easy and hassle-free. 

We share your property’s information with over 15 different companies that buy land. Any information submitted here is only provided to them. Other information, such as property records, are available through public records. These investors may access these records as part of their due diligence.

As real estate investors who specialize in buying vacant land, our network of our land buyers are interested in buying land that has road access and favorable attributes.