Best Land Buyer in Oklahoma

Checklands is pleased to announce Tim Flood as the our selection for Best Land Buyer in Oklahoma!


Why was Tim selected the Best Land Buyer of Oklahoma?

The answer was easy to arrive at after review of our network participants: Tim Flood has consistently delivered value by providing education first to prospective land sellers in Oklahoma. He deserves the designation of the Best Land Buyer in Oklahoma based on his track record in rural land real estate across the state. Through his company, Rural Land Watch, Tim has acquired over a dozen land parcels in Oklahoma since 2016. 

The rest of the Checklands Network was pleased to cast their vote for Tim as he is an expert in rural land lots across Oklahoma. If you are a past client of Tim, we ask that you email us your story about selling land to Tim and why you believe he is deserving of the award, ‘Best Land Buyer in Oklahoma!’ 

If you have questions about how you can sell your land to Tim, don’t hesitate to submit the form on the front of our page.  

Congratulations Tim!  – The Best Land Buyer in Oklahoma 

Land Educator & Post Organizer at Checklands
Micah has been involved in the real estate industry for four years primarily assisting real estate professionals with networking and skillset acquisition strategies. Micah has personally acquired and sold rural land parcels in four states and has been an active investor in rural land portfolios in the region of Northwest Arkansas.You can reach Micah at Micah@checklands.com

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