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 ID Date State County Acreage Ask Price? NameLink to Entry
216April 16, 2024FloridaColumbia1.02 Acres21000Mohammad KhanView Details
215April 12, 2024TexasPolk.1610,000David ForrestView Details
214March 6, 2024TexasHill County.2245$12,920Chelsea ClayView Details
213March 4, 2024ArkansasSharp.2620,000Flip Nation CreationsView Details
212December 15, 2023MontanaCarbon318200000Naboth Bahnsaideh ZondoView Details
211November 15, 2023TexasPanola66$800,000Stephan MannsView Details
210October 27, 2023AlabamaJefferson0.102$13,500Devin MuldrowView Details
209October 25, 2023New MexicoSocorro5.00$2000.00Booshaly SmithView Details
208October 23, 2023New MexicoSocorro1 acre1800.00Laura SecrestView Details
207October 6, 2023FloridaColumbia County1.02 Acres22,000 (negotiable)Mohammad KhanView Details
206October 5, 2023TexasBexar0.6$150000William ShieldsView Details
205September 28, 2023TexasBexar0.576$150000William ShieldsView Details
204August 16, 2023UtahSummit0.29$500,000Slanton NielsenView Details
203August 16, 2023Utahsummit0.29500,000slanlon nielsenView Details
202August 7, 2023Utahsummit81457587,000,00james lindnerView Details
201June 26, 2023UtahWeber5.251200000Michael PainterView Details
200June 22, 2023UtahSummit1.04$700,000Nathan SlackView Details
199June 19, 2023TexasBurnet0.178 & 0.19830000 eachMisty WolfeView Details
198May 23, 2023Texaspotter1.14 ---- 0.49$ ????william gardnerView Details
197May 12, 2023IllinoisSangamon County6080 sf$8999Rocky TanView Details
196May 12, 2023IllinoisSangamon County6820sf$8999Rocky TanView Details
195May 12, 2023IllinoisSagamon County6000 sf$8999Rocky TanView Details
194May 9, 2023TexasMedina2125000Adán IgualaView Details
193April 11, 2023TexasTrinity0.4225999Joacquin RichardView Details
192April 3, 2023New MexicoCibola.8 acres10,000Nancy ListerView Details
 ID Date State County Acreage Ask Price? NameLink to Entry