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 ID Date State County Acreage Ask Price? NameLink to Entry
179July 25, 2022TexasBowie1.7845,000Paul KleihegeView Details
178July 25, 2022TexasBowie1.7835,000Paul KleihegeView Details
177July 6, 2022TexasMedina2.327195,000Matthew CoteView Details
176June 17, 2022CaliforniaHumboldt62 acres166,000Thomas SteinbrueggeView Details
175June 13, 2022FloridaKern2.516000Angel ZhuView Details
174May 24, 2022TexasLiberty31.5$634500Jamie ReynoldsView Details
173April 29, 2022Texascass11.424 acres44200.Robert CraftView Details
172April 28, 2022TexasGuadalupe2.0100000.00George LehmannView Details
171April 25, 2022Californiaward5.15000Naemah RezapourView Details
170April 23, 2022CaliforniaSan Bernadino1.9920kMedy Lynn GarnerView Details
169April 12, 2022CaliforniaLos Angeles county20 Acre20,000Eleanor NaView Details
168April 12, 2022CaliforniaLos Angeles county20 Acre20,000Eleanor NaView Details
167March 22, 2022Texascalvert tx80460,000clifford mcmillanView Details
166March 17, 2022TexasHudspeth4025000Jorge MartinezView Details
165December 30, 2021TexasWise0.4675,000Thomas McBrideView Details
164November 22, 2021TexasJOHNSON0.46 acre$40000Feroz LakhaniView Details
163November 12, 2021KentuckyTangipahoa County36.51,400,000anais dayView Details
162October 27, 2021MissouriJackson1 Acre$129,0000Valerie HughesView Details
161October 26, 2021TexasHarris7 acres800,000Shez ShaikhView Details
160October 18, 2021OklahomaOklahoma.1612,500J ScottView Details
159October 7, 2021CaliforniaLos Angeles20Best offereleanor naView Details
158October 4, 2021VirginiaBedford19.8100,000Cameron HARVEYView Details
157September 23, 2021TexasBastrop0.3214900Paul KleihegeView Details
156September 14, 2021New MexicoSanta Fe2.24 A$120.000Mukhtiar KhalsaView Details
155September 8, 2021New YorkNavajo4014500Zoltan JoyceView Details
 ID Date State County Acreage Ask Price? NameLink to Entry