How to Prep My Land

This is how we prep our land before listing it!

Are you thinking about selling your land? If so, you’ll want to make sure it’s in the best possible condition. That means removing junk and brush piles that are cluttering up your property. How do you get started with this task? Read on for our short guide on how to prep my land for sale!

Remove Junk: Start by removing all the junk from your property. This may include old appliances, furniture, and garbage piles. You’ll need to rent a dumpster or hire someone with a truck to haul away these items for you if they’re too big to load into your car yourself. Be sure not to leave any trash on the ground where it can attract pests like raccoons!

b) Remove Brush: The next step is clearing brush that’s growing up around buildings or other areas of interest on the land such as farms, lakeshores, etc. You should be careful when doing this job because there are some plants you don’t want touching – poison ivy in particular falls under this category so wear gloves at all times !

c) Clear Landscape: Now it’s time to clear any large trees, bushes or other plants that may be growing on your property. Make sure you have a long-handled shovel for this and wear gloves! Some shrubs should be left alone if they’re providing habitat for birds like American Robins who use them as nest sites; just make note of where these are so you can avoid cutting them down later.

d) Fix Surface Issues: Repair broken concrete steps with fresh concrete by adding new gravel to the old before applying the new layer. Fill in potholes with dirt from another location if needed for stability purposes and pressure wash clean driveways and sidewalks to provide a pristine look before showing off your land? .

e) Prep the Land for Sale: Now you’re ready to get your land in shape. Start by clearing any overgrown vegetation with a brush cutter or weed whacker, then peel back and remove all topsoil from the ground as it will contain weeds underneath. If there are areas where you don’t want people stepping (like utility lines) cover them with geo-textile fabric before re-sodding these spaces with new grass seed.

Our team of investors at Checklands have been acquiring and selling land for years. This article was compiled by one of our team and proofed by our staff to ensure it meets our editorial standards. If you have additional questions, please contact: team@checklands.com
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