Verify Land Ownership and Property Taxes

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If you are looking to buy property, the first thing you should do is verify ownership and property taxes. This is an important step in making sure that the property you want to purchase doesn’t have any hidden costs or liens on it. You can find out more about how to verify ownership and property taxes by reading this short description post.

A few steps to verify ownership:
– search the property’s address on Google Maps with Street View and zoom in all the way. If you are given a choice, select “show recent images”

– if there is no obvious house near that location or it looks like something has been torn down recently, then this may not be your property. Double check the address before proceeding.

– if an old building appears but doesn’t match what was shown through other searches for that same home’s address, then this property might have changed hands since its last tax assessment (which happened on the date of January 01st) as well as having changed names due to a previous owner/spouse divorce settlement agreement. It can sometimes take awhile.

One step to verify taxes:
– property taxes are assessed by the local authority and can be paid through an online portal or in person at a specific location.

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